Or, These Guesses Are As Good As Anybody’s

Crystal ball

On this New Year’s Eve, I offer you my fearless predictions for Thorold. On what basis do I make these predictions? On the same basis that allows so many people to make New Year’s resolutions every year: that something is hope that the following year will be better, or at least different, than the one ending. So, in the traditional New Year’s Eve spirit of creating sometimes unrealistic expectations, here are some – good, bad and indifferent – for the City of Thorold:

PREDICTION #1: Some Councillors will vow to turn down any budget with more than a 2% property tax increase for 2015. They will soon find out it’s impossible to do this and still keep City operating. 2015’s tax increase is north of 10%.

PREDICTION #2: Someone will again:

  • Vow to redo St. Davids Road and turn it over to the Region
  • Move to pressure MTO to make the St. Davids Road overpass safe for bikes and pedestrians, and the MTO will consider it
  • With 2014 budget overruns totally $330,579.69, promise no budget overruns in 2015

Oh well, maybe in 2016.

PREDICTION #3: Before the end of the year, a member of Council will announce their resignation for early 2016 (the crystal ball isn’t quite clear on why). Due to Council’s standing policy of appointing the election candidate who had the next highest votes, Jennifer Ferry will be back on Council, appointed this way for the second time. Feminists rejoice – a woman on Council!

PREDICTION #4: An Asian car company decides to build a car plant in Thorold because of its proximity to the border, comparatively low land prices and property taxes, a ready labour market due to high unemployment, access to a number of transportation routes (Hwy. 406, QEW, Hwy. 20, Seaway), and because of training and educational possibilities because of Brock University and Niagara College. They offer to build twin pad arena in exchange for naming rights. After much more debate than is warranted, Council agrees.

PREDICTION #5: As always seems to happen just before a major political upset, the experts, the pundits and their polls predict a massive re-election win once again for the Conservatives. As so often happens with such predictions, they’re way off. No one is quite certain why this happens. Do those being polled lie to pollsters? Or is that maybe poll numbers scare the large undecided vote into going to the polls and voting the other way? In any case, the Conservatives lose to an NDP landslide, in much the same way as the NDP came from out of nowhere to beat the Liberals in Ontario in 1990. They decide to reward their faithful long-time ridings with plenty of grants and Thorold wins big, getting almost enough money to fix up the rest of their buildings.

Tomorrow, back to the real world. But, in the meantime,

Happy New Year


  1. I think the increase could be 12% plus 3% overrun for a total of 15% then the subtract certain projects for a reduction of about 10% leaving an increase of about 5%.I wish I had kept the election literature for future reading.Again could be totally off.

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