Thorold City Hall 1;25-10-2009 (2)

I apologize for the fact that I’ve been absent from this site for awhile. To tell you the truth, there’s been very little to report. Council has been quietly taking care of business and there’s been very little of any note or derision to tell you. At the last Council meeting on May 18, the only items of interests were:

  • Community grants have finally been passed, which will be of some relief to organizations who have been counting pennies while waiting for this. It was all passed pretty much as recommended on the report, which you can see on the City website at, which is the the General Committee Agenda. The only two changes were (a) a grant of $2100 was given to the formerly named Thorold Seniors Choir to help pay for a place to practice (you don’t want to know why), and (b) the Thorold Soccer Club, faced with the possibility of paying $600.60 + HST per team per field, promised to give the City the required documentation and was given until June 1.
  • Committee didn’t pass the contract terms that Staff was recommending for a new deal with the Junior B Blackhawks because they hadn’t filed their financial statements yet and were given until June 1 as well. The Blackhawks don’t want to give up the board advertising revenue but Staff is recommending it. Councillor Whalen suggested the deferral because their deal amounts to a grant and they haven’t put in their papers.

There you have it. The only relative excitement in the past few Council meetings. The problem with a relatively functional Council is that there’s little to write about. Maybe it’s time to start writing about other things.


  1. But I do want to know why a grant was given to the Seniors’ Choir to find a place to practice. Am I missing something? Didn’t we just spend millions on the Seniors’ Centre?

    • The Senior Citizens Association voted that all programmes have to be done by volunteers. Although the director of the choir is a volunteer, they can’t find a volunteer piano player and have to pay for that. The Association decided that they couldn’t allow anyone to be paid, hence the choir’s need for space. I don’t agree with it since the director is a volunteer and the pianist is a necessity in order to perform, but the Association ruled otherwise.

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