Thorold City Hall 1;25-10-2009 (2)

There will be a couple of things that could possibly become items of interest that are coming up at Tuesday night’s Council meeting, during Committee of the Whole.

Staff will be asking for guidelines or spending limits for the 2016 budget, which Council wants to start early this year. This could be an interesting discussion because, as was pointed out in this year’s round, service maintenance will require large tax increases (11.12% – 2016, 8.79% – 2017 and 8.52% – 2018). Of course, their setting targets won’t mean that the Councillors will stick to them in budget talks, but that’s a topic for another time.

The other thing is a discussion on the importance of development charges. Should they stay as Staff recommends, or should they go? Of course, if they go, guess who will be paying for all infrastructure work in Thorold? That’s right, you and I. Personally, I’d prefer the developers paid it, since I don’t make a dime from the construction.

Anything can turn into something of course, such as delegations or other business (mostly announcements), but only these two things jump out. It’s just a matter of listening long enough to catch the arguments in the rhetoric.

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