In addition to the larger stories, other items go through Thorold City Council and General Committee. Some may be important to someone affected and others are just a little interesting. The following are some of those items:

  • The St. Charles Elementary School Choir opened up Council with a beautiful rendition of O Canada. Best sound of the evening.
  • Councillor Paone suggested that there be two options for dealing with the Allanburg Community Centre and that one of those options be what is needed to keep it open, with which Councillor Neale agreed as long as the report included all costs, including that of an elevator should the upstairs be left open (it will have to be accessible) and whether floor sports can be played there in light of liability concerns. Councillor Charron, who wasn’t there, commented that sometimes a little push in the right direction will make the difference in getting the community involved. Councillor Longo, who also wasn’t there but was criticised by the crowd, asked for a report on the meeting.
  • Councillor Paone asked that Thorold support a motion concern the treatment of interest arbitration in Ontario, which gave the firefighters their raise, but CAO Frank Fabiano informed him that there was going to be a meeting of the Niagara CEOs and that he hoped there would be a joint statement which he felt would carry more weight at the Province.
  • Adding to his already busy night, Paone also made a notice of motion to support the petition supported by a growing number of organizations to keep Hydro in public hands. Councillor Neale asked if they were going to be able to take part in the provincially announced consultations concerning the proceeds of the sale, to which he was told that the Province is still scheduling these consultative meetings and Staff has been in touch. Councillor Charron cautioned Council that the City is selling off property to raise money and they should be careful of criticizing someone else for doing the same, pointing out that that they need the infrastructure money from the sale of Hydro.
  • Council passed the new agreement to be struck with the Blackhawks, a one-sided deal since they couldn’t reach an agreement. We’ll see what happens next.
  • You will no longer be able to park on the inside of the curve on Natalie Court.
  • Council decided to support Staff’s recommendation to spend $838,544.00 to replace all of the street lights with Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting except the decorative lighting (downtown and Rolling Meadows) because there are too many different kinds and will be more expensive. Councillor Handley took issue with the purchase, claiming that his research shows Magnetic Induction (MI) lighting is more efficient. Councillor Paone claimed opposing information. Staff indicated that MI wouldn’t qualify for the provincial programme, which will return about $190,000 to the coffers and that the problem with it otherwise is that they still use ballasts. Councillor Neale agreed with Councillor Handley that the comparative information should have been in the report. In the end, Council voted to award the contract, with only Councillor Handley dissenting. (More on this in a future piece).

One thought on “COUNCIL BRIEFS: JUNE 16, 2015

  1. Paone

    Thorold had a chance to join St. Catharines fire service and you blew it. We would of had a better service and it would of cost less. Now you are crying about the arbitration system when you know you can’t change it. Send the service to St. Catharines and get it over with.

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