Golfer (Good)

I had something of a break from committees and meetings and all the heavy City of Thorold crap and spent most of the day at Beechwood Golf and Country Club chasing little white balls. The occasion was a tournament organized by the Greater Thorold Business Council and John D-Amico and his assistants (or maybe he was the assistant) did a great job.

I’ll make no bones about it, I was definitely our foursome’s handicap. I’m no golfer, a fact to which no one who has ever played with me will most emphatically attest. The cartoon above is in no way a representation of my golfing form by the way, just a generic illustration.

It was a “best ball” tournament so, although I didn’t help our team, I also did them no great harm and I believe we ended up one under (honestly!). It was a good day weatherwise and, after some beer, I was at least thinking I was doing better.

We had to barbecue our own steaks, so at least no one had a right to complain about the way their steaks were done, although some did anyways. My chef was a lousy cook, not having much practice with the better cuts of meat, but it was still good and the prize table was good (I’m sure that the donors will be listed on the GTBC’s website). Lots of pictures were taken so if you’re interested, I expect at least some will turn up on the GTBC site.

All in all, and by a long shot, it beat meeting rooms and City Council.

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