Council Briefs-001

In addition to the larger stories, other items go through Thorold City Council and General Committee. Some may be important to someone affected and others are just a little interesting. The following are some of those items:

  • Councillor Paone brought forth his motion to tell the Ontario government to keep Hydro One. This time, Councillor Charron didn’t repeat his caution about doing this when Thorold was thinking of divesting itself of property to raise money.
  • Councillor Neale set up his Age Friendly Communities Committee, whatever it will eventually be called, to see to the needs of seniors in a broad range of areas.
  • Councillor Paone argued against the Niagara Catholic District School Board’s Education Proposal, which would see a development charge tacked on to all new construction in the Board’s territory. Councillor Neale pointed out that, since the ownership of a new home isn’t necessarily known at the time of construction everyone, regardless of public or separate support, would be paying this to the Catholic Board. Paone said they could only use this money to buy land, which they have in Thorold, so Thorold homebuyers could end up paying for school property in another municipality. Following a motion to file the Region’s approval of this plan, Council adopted a resolution to appeal the proposal.
  • Due to a presentation by Brock University Student Council members to have street lighting installed on the Merrittville Hwy. (a Regional road) from Isaac Brock (formerly St. Davids Rd.) to Decew Rd. and Decew Rd. from the Merrittville Hwy. to Richmond St., Councillor Charron requested a report from Staff as to the feasibility of such work.
  • Councillor Handley asked that flags be put up in Thorold parks, especially since Thorold was once again Canada’s most Patriotic City this year (9,349 flags by Canada day). He also asked that picnic tables, which are now stacked at Parks, be put into parks and take a chance on vandalism. He said he’d like to see them used more than once or twice a year.
  • Councillor Handley then asked that he be given a copy of each Thorold City Council meeting, since he doesn’t subscribe to Cogeco, the cost to be deducted from his pay. He wants this because he claims that motions, notices of motion, questions, etc. are being ignored.
  • Same councillor still: demanded to know the status of a recent employee of the City. When he was ruled out of order because Council can’t discuss employee information in open Council, an unpleasant exchange ensued, with Councillor Handley demanding an answer because he said the information isn’t confidential and the Mayor ruling him out of order.
  • Council voted to OK the Canal Banks Shuffle’s request for a sponsorship in the form of a primary advertiser in the form of $1,000 due to the continent-wide attention the Shuffle has garnered for Thorold.
  • Council voted to accept the contract with the Professional Firefights, as ordered in arbitration, although they did have the latitude to negotiate the terms and conditions.
  • Council has OK’d the redirection of $50,000 for a land use study to determine the impacts of limiting houses with 5 or more bedrooms. Licensing is a separate issue.

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