Thorold Comp Bill & Liz & Classic Car;07-16-2006

This picture and the one below were taken at the Classic Car Show in 2006.

You may have noticed all the lawn signs around town last week (they’re still up in a few places) announcing a mysterious downtown event for last Saturday. If, like many I’ve spoken to recently, you expected to see the annual Classic Car Show downtown as it has been this weekend for a number of years, you were soon to be disappointed, although I’ve been told the sidewalk sale had some good deals.

There was no Classic Car Show downtown this weekend nor, apparently, any other time this summer. And, unless attitudes change, there likely won’t ever be another.

The reason I’ve been given for this year’s lack of old cars is that some of the merchants (I don’t know which, although I have my suspicions) didn’t want Front Street closed for the day on Saturday. The main reason given by merchants is that it discourages business. Some say they aren’t getting any extra business because of the closure, so why bother?

This isn’t new thinking on Front Street. I’ve seen it pretty much since I’ve lived here and had to battle it to get the Santa Claus Parade in 1991. But I can’t help but wonder why they can’t generate business from all of the extra people on the street for many of these events. And, even if those downtown that day don’t buy anything, what’s to say that seeing things while downtown don’t generate future sales?

Thorold Comp mark & Classic Car;07-16-2006

The Town Criers are in these pictures because they were here for a competition I hosted until the Arts and Crafts Show moved to May.

It’s too bad when another Thorold event bites the dust. It’s even worse when the reason isn’t a lack of interest by the public.

One thought on “NO MORE CAR SHOWS?

  1. Tony, I agree with your common sense logic 100%. It is sad that the “other” type of “logic” still exists/persists!!

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