Councillor Jim Handley

Councillor Jim Handley

I was in somewhat of a hurry when I put together the Council Briefs earlier this week and missed a couple of items which I suppose, were actually somewhat related. I noticed the omission when I went to file the notes I used and I was going to ignore it. But then I thought that the first item of this especially should go up because someone really seemed to want this said.

  • Councilor Jim Handley arose at council to make a statement. He said that he wished to clarify remarks that arose out of the award the Professional Firefighters received in interest arbitration which he’d made a previous Council meeting and to apologize. He said that his comments could have been better stated and that he respects and supports the Thorold Professional Firefighters. He admitted that he had no basis for earlier suggesting that they might hesitate to respond to fire calls. Mayor Luciani thanked him for the apology and noted that it must have been difficult to make.
  • The same Councillor Handley made a notice of motion at the same Council meeting (which will be made at the next one) to reduce the Thorold Fire Services budget by $500,000 for the budget year 2016. He stated that the measure need not affect the number of Volunteer Firefighters nor the number of Fire Stations. So what will it affect? We wait with bated breath for the solution that will save that much money, although it should be pointed out that there has as yet been no report from the new Council Fire Services Review Committee and therefore no discussion or decision yet on the desired level of service for Thorold.

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