Look familiar?

Do you see it too?

It’s funny how, when you’ve been involved in politics all of your life, you begin to see parallels everywhere. My wife and I went to the Niagara Regional Exhibition on Sunday and one of the attractions was the Pig Race.

There were several heats at this particular time and they really struck me as symbolic of the present federal election except, of course, that the pig races were by far more interesting. Anyways, as you can see above, three of the pigs were running in a dead heat where they stayed all the way to the end, so you can imagine I’m thinking Liberals, Conservatives and NDP. The one way back behind I guess must be the Green Party or maybe the Bloc Quebecois.

Other than the coloration of the racers, there was little to set them apart and there seemed to be little substance to the event other than the amusement of watching these pigs racing each other. At least you could see the pigs’ reasons for running: someone chased them the length of the course. But that wasn’t only positive thing about their event because it was over very quickly.

I don’t know why this election had to be long. All of the parties stopped having anything constructive to add several weeks ago, if they ever did. It’s beginning to look now like this election will come down to three main factors: fatigue, foot-in-mouth disease and character assassination. I believe we’ve finally done it – we’ve lowered Canadian elections to the level of American politics. God help us all!

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