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I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Donald Trump wants to bar any Muslims from entering the United States until they “figure out what’s going on”. He also wants to recall all Muslim U.S. military from overseas posts.

Is this gut for real? Unfortunately, I think so. But the real problem is that he want to do it. It’s that he shot up in the polls States-side after he said it.

The premise is that the terrorists that hit the other day were Muslims and therefore he wants to keep them all out. By that token, he should also ban all militias (remember Oklahoma City), racists (the black church a couple of months back), anti-abortionists (abortion clinic bombings and shootings), etc., etc. He wouldn’t do that, of course, because they vote Republican.

The next step after banning the ones that are there, of course, would be to constantly spy in the ones who live there. And it follows that the task would be easier if they all had to wear crescents to identify themselves. And how far will they then be from “Arbeit Macht Frei” (look it up, if you don’t recognize it.

If Donald Trump becomes president of the U.S., there will be a fence built along the border all right. But it’ll be the Canadian border and we’ll be the ones building it.

And we better get ready to house the Muslim refugees from the United States of America.

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