It was pointed out to me that, in all the confusion, I had missed something. In my own defense, such as it is, the end of the last budget meeting became somewhat chaotic, especially during the recorded vote on adopting the budget.

You see, although Councillor Whalen had put forward the motion to adopt the budget, when the call came to him for his vote, for some reason he decided to vote against it. He then announced that he was changing his mind. In the ensuing hubbub, with Councillors wanting to know just what vote was being record for Councillor Whalen, all I heard from the Mayor was his decision that the motion had passed. As it turns out, I had missed his vote.

Therefore, with my apologies to all, including Mayor Luciani, here is my correction. As to the motion to adopt the budget as it stood at the time:

Mayor Luciani – No.

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