Council Briefs-001

A lack of drama at Council means that things are getting done. However, it’s not great for things to write about. Here, however, are some of things that did happen:

  • Jean D’Amelio Swyer once again addressed Council on behalf of the Thorold Age-Friendly Committee, this time to invite them to the Active Living in Your Age Friendly Community Event on Wednesday, June 22 from 8:30am to 2:30pm at the Ontario Paper Thorold Senior Citizens’ Centre. There will be information booths, a focus group session, and a presentation t the designer of the committee’s Age-Friendly Logo.
  • I addressed Council on behalf of the lake Gibson Corridor Preservation Task Force to lay out the work done by the committee since 2001 and to ask for agreement in principal of a plan to make the lake system and the corridor into a conservation park. This will preserve the area and enable the committee to highlight the natural, built and historical aspects of the corridor. Council gave their approval in principal and the committee will now begin meetings with associated organizations to create a strategic plan.
  • The public can now register for swim lessons on-line.
  • Friends of the Beaverdams Church will hold a yard sale at the church from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday, June 11, rain date June 18. Always a popular event.
  • The Thorold Seniors’ Association is also holding a bazaar and bake sale that day, from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Seniors’ Centre.
  • The Thorold Active Transportation Advisory Committee (TATAC) is holding their annual Dust off Your Bike event same day.
  • Council supported a motion proposed by the Niagara Chamber of Commerce for a single, single-fare transit system for Niagara, which might well necessitate amalgamation of the various municipal transit systems. It has been pointed out that they need to do this in order to get GO Transit extended to Niagara. Mayor Luciani says there is growing support for this initiative, repeating the slogan, “No Regional Transit, No GO.”
  • Thorold’s Official Plan, years in the making, has been approved by Regional Council. The Mayor congratulated staff on their work.
  • Councillor Handley asked for benches downtown, now that it has been largely cleaned up. Councillor Whalen informed Council that the BIA is having locates done for benches they are purchasing as well as 13 new bicycle racks (7 of the old ones have been stolen).
  • There was a much-too-long discussion concerning a cost overrun of $70,000 for the removal of damaged ash trees for safety reasons. Councillor Handley felt that the removal work should be done in-house by the City. Then there was a lengthy discussion of other trees that could possibly be infected, not taking into account that the reason for the spread of the borers in the ash trees was due largely to the fact that so many were planted adjacent to each other, here and in most other municipalities.
  • Queen Street will soon be closed to traffic at Highway 58 by the MTO, as the bridge is to be repurposed as a pedestrian and cycling bridge only. If the City wanted to keep the bridge, they were told they would have to take ownership, meaning Thorold would have to pay for a new bridge.
  • The washrooms for McAdam Park in Thorold South are one step closer to being a reality, as Council voted on conditions under which volunteer tradespeople could work on the job. Councillor Handley, who has been involved in this project, says it might even lead to a resurgence of the McAdam park Association.

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