Recently, as you all know, the feds decided our national anthem required another overhaul of O Canada, the seventh since it was written and the second overhaul since it became our official National Anthem. This prompted a few who remembered all the way back 25 years when I wrote a column on the subject during the last political correctness purge, the charge led by then-Justice Minister Kim Campbell.

(“Kim who?” you ask. You remember, she was the Conservative saddled with the responsibility of taking the fall for her boss, Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney when all his scandals came home to roost. She was our 19th Prime Minister, our first and only woman Prime Minister – for all of just barely over four months.)

Anyways, the requests to put up my column were forgotten until I officiated as Town Crier at a local event and led the singing of the National Anthem. In the course of the singing, I distinctly heard three versions, including the latest (which isn’t yet official as far as I know). So here it is: my column on the subject from the Thorold News on October 8, 1991. As you’ll note, except for the aforementioned Ms. Campbell, nothing has changed. And I still say we should just start over fresh instead of this “death of a thousand cuts” hack job, maybe something that doesn’t sound like a funeral dirge.

O Canada TN Column

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