Pine Rails

On Friday I joined the list of casualties falling (literally) to the railway tracks across Pine St. It was a wet day – in fact still raining a little – and the rails seemed like greased butter when I hit it.

No great injuries as far as I know. Just some “road rash” on one arm and a sprained wrist on the other. Anyways, the point here isn’t to whine about my injuries or even to rail (get it?) at the City or the Trillium Railway for not fixing a problem that has been complained about for years, all for one rail car every blue moon.

I want to use this space to thank the people who stopped to offer help. The first was a nurse who, once I had decided I was generally in one piece, offered to drive both me and my bicycle home. In fact, she tried to get the bike in but her car just wasn’t big enough. Another was the gentleman who lived next to my spill, who offered to hold my bike for me until I could come back for it. There were others as well who stopped and got out of their cars, properly standing by in case they might be needed.

I want to thank all of these people  (unfortunately I too rattled to ask any of their names) for stopping to help out. It is an amazing act of kindness in a world where we hear increasingly of people looking and driving by, often risking further injury to the person as they do so. Those who stopped for me on Friday are all heroes in my book.


  1. I’d like to say you have restored my faith in humanity but I have always had that faith. We don’t always see it unless we are the recipients of help but it is there and I am glad it was when you needed it. Hope you make a full recovery.

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