Sketch MeI’ve been asked by a number of people just what this endorsement concerning the garbage incinerator said. To save myself some time and repetition, below are the request for endorsement, the form they endorsed, the motion in Committee, and the resolution in that night’s Special Council session.

It says exactly what Councillors have been saying it says. However, with my limited legal knowledge, I know that what it means is something else entirely. Does it mean that Council can refuse approval at a later stage? I don’t know. I do know that at least some of the Councillors are looking into it.

Note: According to their website, the “IESO is a not-for-profit corporate entity established in 1998 by the Electricity Act of Ontario. It is governed by an independent Board whose Chair and Directors are appointed by the Government of Ontario. Its fees and licences to operate are set by the Ontario Energy Board and it operates independently of all other participants in the electricity market.

Through amendments to the Electricity Act, the operations of the IESO and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) were merged on January 1, 2015, bringing together real-time operations of the grid with long-term planning, procurement and conservation efforts.”

The EWSOP is the Energy-from-Waste Standard Offer Program and is pretty much what it sounds like.

Anyways, the documents as promised, taken from the City of Thorold’s web site, including the General Committee Agenda for Feb. 16, 2016, the minutes for the same meeting and the minutes for the Special Council meeting of the same date. You might notice that it was Councillor Paone, who abstained in Committee due to a shortage of information, who made the motion later in Special Council. I need to point out, to those who have never attended Special Council, that the motions are made in blocks and therefor would have been lost in a list of items (by item number) to be passed at the end of a long night. Perhaps they should consider changing the procedure so the Councillors are more aware of what they are , but that’s the way it’s done now.


Energy from Waste February 16, 2016


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