City Councillor Sergio Paone

City Councillor Sergio Paone

Tuesday night, on a motion put forward by Councillor Paone, Council voted unanimously to give notice to the company that wants to build the garbage incinerator off of Allanport Rd. that they intend to vote on a reconsideration of their original motion to support the project. This notice to the proponent, apparently, is the route they must follow to notify them of the possible change in their endorsement.

Councillor Ugulini commented that he felt this was the proper thing to do as there was “no flavour for it”.

Councillor Neale agreed, saying that Council had received bad and incomplete information, and that they had learned a great deal about similar projects at the public meeting in Port Robinson and since.

Councillor Handley added that he’s been working in Halton, which has apparently had a great deal of trouble with their incinerator, and his research has shown him  that the incinerator is not in the best interest of Thorold.

The vote for reconsideration will likely take place at the next Council meeting, which is scheduled for September 6, 2016.

A large group of people in the audience applauded the results of the vote.

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