As we all heard, if we watch the news, the Province has suspended the Energy From Waste programme. They didn’t cancel it, mind you, just suspended it. So while it looks, for now, like the Allanport Road project is dead, it might be resurrected in the future.

Along with that programme, the Province also suspended the Large Renewable Energy Procurement programme. This means no new solar, wind, hydroelectric, bioenergy, or energy from waste projects. The savings from this amount to a whole $2.45 off regular hydro bills (wow!).

This is only while they do studies and consultations on where to go next, though. Once the new Long-Term Energy Plan is released some time in 2017, everything may be back on the table.

What does this mean to all those solar and wind farms already out there? It doesn’t really say, but suggests that what’s already out there will still be supported monetarily. That means the eight cents we presently pay to practically give power away to the U.S. still stands. There just won’t be any new projects to add to that.

So what does the Province have in mind? Who knows? We still have obsolete nuclear power plants with overdue reactor overhauls and radioactive waste to be disposed of (clean air, yes, but at what cost?).

We can only hold our breaths and wait for Wynn’s next move (and, considering her record, I’m not optimistic).

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