Thorold Ambassador Programme's first session attendees (and instructor, Paul Carfignini)

Thorold Ambassador Programme’s first session attendees (and instructor, Paul Carfignini)

If you aren’t a businessperson (and maybe even if you are, I suppose), you might not know about Thorold’s nascent Ambassador Programme.

About a year old now, an organization called the Combined Chairs Alliance was formed for an un-precedented collaboration between Thorold business and Tourism. It is made up of the Chairs plus one member of each of the Thorold Tourism Advisory Committee, the Thorold BIA and the Greater Thorold Business Council, along with Thorold’s Tourism provider, Susan Morin of Venture Niagara.

This group has worked on several projects together but, in terms of scope, the Ambassador Programme is definitely the most ambitious to date. This programme is funded largely by the City of Thorold’s Economic Development budget and additionally by partners Venture Niagara, GTBC, the BIA, the TCAG, and the Thorold Public Library. The content was worked out by the committee, with consultant Paul Carfignini.

This programme is aimed at customer service. It isn’t that it’s bad, because Thorold has good customer service. The idea is to get everyone on the same page and to let the world know that Thorold is a great place to be.

Besides the regular customer service items, the committee’s sessions will include other aspects, such as cross-promotion of business and awareness of community events, etc. And it isn’t just downtown business, it includes all business, the Library, City staff, anyone who comes into contact with the public and tourists in Thorold (even the Town Crier).

The first session, on etiquette, was completed this morning at City Hall. There’s another session tomorrow on the same subject. For more information, contact or go to the website at .

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