COUNCIL BRIEFS: November 15, 2016

Council Briefs-001

In addition to the larger stories, which happen quite infrequently, other items go through Thorold City Council and General Committee. Some may be important to someone affected and others are just a little interesting. The following are some of those items.

Council was short once again Tuesday night, in numbers as well as length. Missing were Councillors Neale, Charron and Wilson, for various reasons. Even other business (which means Councillors brought it up) was pretty quiet:

  • Council received a presentation on the new Comprehensive Zoning By-Law, which has been in the works for some time. The consultant who put together the presentation commented, “It’s a nice document to read through.” Well, it’s an important document to read through, because it affects what you can do with your property, when you can do it, how you can do and where. As for “nice”, well, it isn’t my idea of entertainment, but to each his/her own. This report contains maps, the secondary plans (subdivisions, special areas, etc.), site specific exceptions, and JAAC recommendations (accessibility).

The report will take until late spring to finish, with last night offering not only the report to Council but also an information night in the foyer with all the information up on easels. I’m told it didn’t draw many people, but there will be other chances for viewing and input before it’s over.

In the meantime, they’ve set up a website for on-line participation, at where you can look at the whole thing or by address and make comments. Maybe you’ll agree with Mayor Luciani, who summed it up with the following comment: “I always find planning very exciting stuff.

  • Historic Thorold Santa Claus Parade chair Lauren Krause came to Council to ask for a bit more money, as it was hard to raise any more now that Christmas is approaching. Council voted unanimously to give it to the committee. For more information, their website is

I was at Parade Committee’s meeting before Council and it’s going to be a good show. These people have done a great a mount of work to keep the event alive and they deserve everyone’s support when this parade delivers Santa to Thorold for the 26th straight time. And you’ll love Santa’s new sleigh, to be unveiled just before it follows everyone else in the parade. Don’t miss it.

  • Three projects for the Doherty (New) Arena were approved:
  • General work to the lobby and washrooms, etc. to pretty it up and to add barrier-free and energy efficient devices;
  • Work on the heating and dehumidification systems as well as some HVAC work and new fans;
  • Acoustic panels for the arena hall to remove much of the echo, which has persisted even the new sound system
  • Councillor Ugulini asked that Requests for Proposals (RFPs) be issued possible work to the boards and cooling pipes in the Doherty Arena, etc., should Council decide at budget time to go ahead. This will assure that the contracts can be in place so the work can go forward in the late spring when the ice comes off in the arena.

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