Taken at a previous parade: I was Town Crying during this one.

Even the Grinches in Thorold couldn’t stop the 26th Annual Historic Thorold Santa Claus Parade. Yes, believe it or not, their were a few who who purposely threw roadblocks in the way of the new committee. I’m not going to name names, after all they know who they are and so do many others. But this isn’t about them and, anyways, they failed to do anything but annoy.

No, this is about Lauren Krause and Myra Robertson who put together an eight-person committee and worked around the annoyances to make sure that Santa would keep coming to Thorold as he had for the past 25 years.

The result was a great parade, with 63 entries including Santa and the Mrs. to crown it all off. If they made it look easy, I can assure you that it isn’t, especially in a mere three months. Their committee raised funds, advertised, planned out the parade, got people involved and entered, and all the million and one little things that go into the event. In addition, they got to hear the complaints about street closures, nothing new, but it was for Lauren, who shouldn’t have to put up with the nonsense along with everything else. A rite of passage though, I’m afraid.

The community came together around this group and helped raise funds and donate, include a brand new Santa float. Organizations who haven’t been in the parade for several years were back in this year, and plenty of folks joined in to help with the other stuff.

And there were lots of kids to enjoy the result, many of them high-fiving the Port Colborne Town Crier, Tom Pekar, and myself all along the route, even while already watching expectantly for Santa.

To Lauren and Myra and the rest of the Historic Thorold Santa Claus Parade committee, I want to express my personal thanks. And I hope I’ll be leading the 27th edition next year.

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