I’m back. In case you never noticed, I’d stopped writing this blog for several months now due to a number of reasons.

First and foremost has been my desire to finish writing my fourth novel. So, I cleared my writing mind of all other distractions and made myself write every moment I had until it was done. So, for now at least, I have some time for this blog.

The second major, and initially number one, reason for stopping was my frustration with Thorold City Council. It wasn’t that they were doing anything wrong or even that what they were doing wasn’t important. It’s just that nothing they were doing was interesting. None of the big issues ever seem to come back to Council to be decided once they go for a report. I’m not certain whose fault this is, but it’s interesting to note that, since Thorold’s CAO has gone off ill, even less has been done.

So, we still wait for the by-law limiting the number of usable rooms in a house so more houses with obscene numbers of bedrooms continue to be built (obviously for student housing). The local Hunters and Anglers are still waiting to see what the new version of by-law restricting gun use near the canal is finally going to look like. There’s no word yet on Community Grants, while the groups who need that money are already well into this year’s budgets. And on and on and on.

The only big deal thing that seems to continue is the million-dollar plus work on the arenas, which doesn’t much impress those of us with interests other than hockey and figure skating.

But still we wait for the results of the Fire Services Re-review, whose committee hasn’t met in over a year. The work on revamping the Operations Centre, for which we’ve been paying taxes for over a year already, isn’t even mentioned anymore. The Downtown Improvement Master Plan has been hi-jacked to build more parking in direct defiance of the plan, parking needed because the City has carried on with insane practice of allowing downtown developers to make payments in lieu of providing parking spaces. And, although they’ve been discussed many times, there still has been no decision on the fates of the City’s inventory of heritage properties.

The other thing that has stopped me from writing is that those things that were interesting were getting way more attention than they deserved, such as Donald Trump, what’s-their-names running for the Conservative leadership (as if anyone really cares), and Jim Handley’s removal from Council. All of the above thrive on the attention and I really don’t want to give any of them any more advertising. On the other hand, when any of them actually do something worth comment, such as Handley’s great job on pulling together the washroom project in MacAdam park, I’ll be happy to let you know.

So, I’ve come to a decision, that being that I won’t be doing the Council Briefs any more. I’ll just be reporting on the interesting things that happen at Council, which means that likely won’t be very often. Instead, I’ll just be remarking on everything and anything that sparks my interest (and no, sports in general don’t interest me in the least – sorry).


In case you missed it, at Council Tuesday night (at a meeting that took only 45 minutes, Council and Committee, including this), the Thorold Canada 150 Committee unveiled their new logo, designed by Thorold Secondary School Graphic Arts teacher David Duncker. Great job!

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