At Council Tuesday night, Councillor Ugulini called for staff to bring back a report on the possibility of a by-law to outlaw “brewfing”, essentially making it illegal for anyone to drink on the roof, theirs or anyone else’s.

This by-law was called for because the practice has become increasingly popular among some Brock students and apparently police can’t stop it without a by-law.¬†Councillor Ugulini’s stated reason for requesting this by-law is to save the idiots from themselves. Indeed, there have been some incidents over the years. In particular, a roof collapsed under the weight of a party in California two years ago.

But, call me a cynic (I am), but doubt if concern over these young people killing themselves is what sparked it. After all, Ugulini said this came up at a Town and Gown Committee meeting, which was created to deal with student/community issues, in many times meaning complaints. I suspect that’s the real reason. These parties can be extra noisy due to the height, broadcasting the drunken comments well beyond the usual wall and building barriers. I don’t have a problem with that being the reason, but let’s not pretend that everyone’s worried about the welfare of the students. They’re adults, or legally so and, if they want t o fall off the roof in a drunken stupor, that’s their own fault and their own responsibility.

Then Councillor Handley contributed with a comment that there was already a law that requires fall arrest equipment at heights above three meters which, he claimed, also applies to non-workers. I think that you should check that, Jim. Despite the fact that you work in construction, I think you’ll find that it only pertains to non-workers in a work area.

But, go ahead and pass the law, for whatever reason you like, whether it’s to harass students or to try to legislate away stupidity (you can’t). I don’t really have a problem with it other than the fact that it’s yet another law to force us to be careful. I figure that, pretty soon, Council will have footprints painted on the sidewalks and a by-law that says you have to step on them to avoid falling down. But I don’t drink on my roof, so I guess I really don’t care.

But I do know a number of people who, when on their roof, might ask for a brewski to be passed up to them. Just remember, I would remind these people. This by-law will apply to you too.

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