There really isn’t a lot on the agenda – again – Tuesday night, but it could be interesting if Councillors, with a little imagination.

There’s always a possibility, of course, that someone could come up with something that’ll make it interesting during Other Business. It won’t necessarily be the height of wisdom or insight, but sometimes it can be entertaining. Just find something other than student problems, OK? That’s getting quite boring. I know they’re an easy mark, but there are other concerns.

Alan Caslin, the Regional Chair, is slated as a delegation that night. He’s going to be there to tell Council about the great things they’ve done and the great things they’re going to do. When every delegation is done, however, Councillors have a chance to ask questions of the presenter. They want to ask about what’s going on over there, with bridge reports, and leaked bridge reports, and staff leaving. After all, these questions are relevant to what the Region’s done and will be doing – aren’t they? Isn’t part of that apparently disgraceful overrun on the bridge Thorold money?

If you’re one of the hunting enthusiasts who were at Council regarding the hunting restrictions near Canal lands, there won’t be an answer yet, but there is a sign someone was listening. Staff is recommending that Thorold allow Sunday hunting. What’s more fitting than blowing away God’s creatures on His day?

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