Picture of blue box from the Region’s website Note the overflow.

It isn’t often that I hear anything coming out of St. Catharines City Council worth repeating, but apparently they did so this past week. And our own Council should take notice of this one. Because the discussion in the city below the brow raised one of my favourite beefs.

It’s something that bothers me every time the wind blows and every time my wife or I clean up the front yard. You see, my house is at the end of an east-west street that the wind just howls down, even when it isn’t particularly strong. On garbage day in particular, the paper and plastic and other light materials in the grey boxes and the blue boxes take flight and end up piled in our front yard.

But it isn’t just the personal effort involved. Our ditches and parks are full of the detritus that flies out of these recycling receptacles. Just ask those who participate in the annual Earth Day clean-ups or those who belong to organizations which adopt streets to to keep them clean throughout the year. Or, for that matter, City employees. Come to downtown Thorold, or any downtown, on a windy garbage day and watch the effect. Just like an old western ghost town, except that those aren’t tumbleweeds rolling past.

The St. Catharines Council recommendation? To make a formal request to the Region to put lids on the recycling boxes.

Better yet, ban the damned things. They often aren’t big enough to hold the contents and having lids sticking straight up won’t be any improvement over lidless boxes. At our house and many others, recycling bags do a much better job. No muss, no fuss, no garbage-strewn Thorold.

Either way, it’s time the Region reviewed this bad incredibly bad invention known as the blue (or grey) box.

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