From the northwest corner

I was walking by the Arena Wednesday and, at the suggestion of Councillor Ugulini, I decided to stick my head inside.

The lobby has bee all repainted, ceiling and walls, and the new LED lighting along both sides nearly mandates the wearing of sunglasses, it’s so bright in there. The washrooms have been done too (or at least the men’s, so I assume the ladies’ was too), with new lighting, fixtures, paint, and driers.

For the staff, since I don’t know if visitors would notice or likely care, there is a new counter-balanced overhead door where the beer is sold when licensed. It will save staff from having to lift off the old wooden one which, I was informed, was plywood over a two-by-six-frame. For those of you who don’t appreciate the weight of such a section, let’s just say the improvement may well save the City in WSIB claims.

I stepped in one of the emergency exits to see what was going on inside, since the viewing windows inside are all shielded with plywood, since there might be chunks of concrete flying inside due to the jack-hammering. When I stepped in and stood on the walkway above the seats, I was met with the sounds of jack-hammering and equipment moving around, dust and fumes in the air, and a floor broken up and piled high in places with piles of scrap concrete. It felt immediately like i’d never retired from Stelco.

I snapped a couple of crappy cellphone photos. They aren’t great but, well, you get the picture (excuse the dreadful pun).

From the southwest corner

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