Today was the last public information meeting concerning Thorold’s long-awaited new Comprehensive Zoning By-Law. This document likely won’t mean much to a lot of people. To tell you the truth, there’s a lot of dry information there. But if builders want to know what can be built in a certain area, or if you want to know what can be built in your area, it can come in handy. The Comprehensive Zoning By-Law also lays out requirements for front-, back-, and side-yard setbacks as well as heights, permissible uses and activities, and densities. If you want to see what is being proposed, you can still check it out at http://www.zonethorold.ca/ which has explanations and maps.

Once the new zoning by-law is okay’d by the City and at the Region, then the City will be able to make other zoning amendments. One of those is the proposed by-law to limit the number of usable rooms in any unit in certain types of zones.

Another was presented at a public meeting at the last City Council meeting. The purpose of this particular move is to add a special, area-specific development charge for construction in the Brock Industrial Park area, which is basically the area between Highway 406 in the east, Decew Road in the south, Merrittville Highway in the west, and Sir Isaac Brock Parkway (formerly St. Davids Road) on the north.

The purpose of development charges is to pay for wider growth-related costs, such as improving roads leading to a new subdivision, arena expansion, upgrades to sewage treatment plants, right down to more books at the library.

But this special development charge is going to be levied because, under the original designation, the Schmon area was to be the home to light industrial uses. Now, the plans for the area have been redrawn and will allow mixed uses, such as the student residences that have been popping up over there. As a result, the sewer systems, which were designed for much lighter use, now have to be upgraded, and the costs for such a project have to come from somewhere.

So, they’re going to get those who stand to make the money off the projects to pay for it. Otherwise, all of Thorold and, to a lesser extent, the Region will have to chip in, meaning of course, the taxpayers.

Seems fair to me. Why should I pay more taxes for someone else to make money?

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