Councillor Neale raised the dismissive tone of Thorold City Council’s reply from the Niagara Regional Police Department concerning the possibility of having some type of community-based policing in Thorold (we didn’t budget for it, no reason why).

Neale repeated the recurring issue of lack of police presence in Thorold, despite the lacklustre¬†presentation by the department some weeks ago. “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a police officer on Front St.,” he said. He was asking Council to request a face-to-face meeting with the department to discuss this. Councillor Charron added his concerns, noting that “Just for the people to know they’e there, that really makes a difference.”

Councillor Handley, had a unique way of making the point, bringing on chuckles around the Council Chamber. “Even when you pressed the ‘Panic Button’, it still took them twenty minutes to get here.” He was, of course, referring to the time that the police were summoned using the aforesaid button, to escort him from the Council Chamber when he refused to recognize the mayor’s out of order ruling. He also wondered what would have happened if it had been a real emergency? He went on to add that, as far as he knows, Thorold is the only municipality without some form of community-based policing, comparing the lack to our loss of the Licence Bureau and the Liquor Store. “It’s just one more thing that every municipality has that Thorold doesn’t have.” He closed by saying that we deserve such service as well, noting, “We pay taxes too.”

Councillor Long was quick to point out that this wasn’t an anti-police campaign by noting, “We are not disparaging front line police officers.”

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