The crowd would grow quite a bit more before show time.

For days, the weather forecast had been calling for rain and fairly high wind gusts early Thursday evening, leaving organizers hoping that the weatherman was wrong, as usual. He was. At dusk, the skies cleared, the wind dropped, and the park was full of people waiting for the movie to begin, approximately 300 people in all.

Band shell makes an ideal wind break.

The hillside in front of the band shell was covered with mostly adults in lawn chairs. But, on the opposite hill and on the hill to the side, children rolled down with squeals and laughter, making me wish children could be let free like this more often. The pit in front of the band shell which, for those who didn’t know and the children who were having too much fun to care, was a lock for the old filled-in version of the Welland Canal that used to run behind town and along Towpath Road (hence the name). This depression was full of kids, running and screaming and mugging the TCAG mascot and jumping from the sides with an abandon that would have have surely brought visions of the Apocalypse to the City’s insurance adjusters.

While some members of the Canada 150 Committee work out the technical details…

Atop the hill, along the fence, Thorold Canada 150 Committee members sold pop, water and chocolate bars, and a vendor sold Kettlecorn right along side. There were also new Thorold Canada 150 pins, designed here in Thorold, to be had for a $1 donation.

…others sold goodies.

What were all these people doing here? They were here for the Canada 150 Committee’s free Movie Night, put on the Thursday night with the scheduled PD Day in mind. The film was Moana and, although my grandkids and likely quite a few others had seen it before, they were happy to come out and see it again.

One couldn’t help but wonder how they were going to lasso all those kids once the movie was to begin. But, when Committee Chair Tim Geddes announced the movie and it started, they were all magically seated, at least for a half hour or so. It seems rolling down hills and jumping off canal lock walls had an attraction that couldn’t be denied for long.

Kudos and a tip of the hat to Thorold’s Canada 150 Committee and the City, who came through to pay for it when the Government of Canada ignored Thorold’s bid for a grant. They did a great job. Watching or not, everyone seemed to have a good time on a warm (and dry) spring evening.

Show time!

The TGAC mascot had a busy night fist-bumping, high-fiving, and trying to walk with kids attached.

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