Once again, the United States under Donald Trump, is surrendering leadership of the world.

This time, of course, it’s climate change, using a whole whack of false arguments to pillar his stance against pollution controls. He’s already shown a reluctance to have the U.S. lead in the area of promoting human rights and democracy through his friends and admirers: the leaders of the Philippines, Turkey, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, all countries with worsening records in those two areas (with Saudi Arabia being a supplier of many of the 9/11 bombers, and Bin Laden himself). Meanwhile, he does everything to put down his countries (formerly) closest allies.

He’s against free trade, immigration, refugees in general, a free press, facts…the list goes on and on.

As President of the U.S., I suppose he has that right and, quite frankly, I never thought of the U.S. as great role models anyways. But, if the American people care about their place in the world outside of Trump’s narrow one, they might bear one thing in mind.

In the area of climate change, the unlikely emerging leader is China. Does anyone want China to be the one setting the standards for the world?

Because a very basic cosmic rule is that nature abhors a vacuum, as I suppose we’ve all been told numerous times in the course of our lives. The U.S. government’s actions are creating such a vacuum. Something will fill it.

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