After a great deal of work tearing up the old floor and in the Frank Doherty arena’s ice pad and replacing all the old, rotted pipes, today they started pouring the new floor over the pipes. In order to get an even pour all around the pipes, each pipe was braced from below and spaced from the next. Each pipe was pressurized so that if a leak occurs somewhere in the process, workers will know immediately.

The floor has to be poured in one day and continuously, with no seams or ridges. This will require, by day’s end, a steady parade of cement trucks, between 30 and 35 in all. A few days after the entire floor has been poured, the surface will be flooded to aid in proper curing.

View from the north-west corner of the arena.

Cement trucks lined up to load the line into the arena.

The pipe carrying the cement comes in a south door and supplies all the material for the floor.

Hundreds of pipes which will cool the floor to maintain the ice surface.

Directing the cement flow onto the floor.

Smoothing and leveling the cement.

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