There have been new staff hired, but there are plenty more to come. Will update when they’re ll in place.

There really isn’t much to say about Tuesday’s City Council and General Committee meetings – literally. Council started at 6:30 or thereabouts and General Committee ended at 7:10, after which they went in camera for a very short time.

Most of the meeting that barely was, about 25 minutes, was taken up with Mayor Luciani’s three motions which came from the Great lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, a bi-national group of cities bordering those waterways. The first was to ask the U.S. and Canadian governments to continue studying coal tar asphalt sealants; specifically that they’re made with coal tar pitch, containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (cancer-causing agents), and is leaching into the Great Lakes and beyond through rainwater runoff. The second was about monitoring and replacing oil and natural gas lines on the bottoms of the lakes, and the third was a request for Donald Trump to continue funding the Great lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative.

Other than that, there were no comments to speak of from Councillors, no presentations, and few departments had reports to present in Committee. To top it of, for the first time in anyone’s recall, not a single Councillor had any issues or announcements under the Other Business portion of Council.

Everyone got to leave early and enjoy the unusually nice weather, after all the rain we’ve been having. For all that was done, they probably could have saved everyone the trouble and enjoyed all the nice weather.

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