From the west dock

Bikes on the new platform

All the times I’ve written about Bridge-It, I’ve never actually taken a ride so, when I heard about the Roadrunners bicycle club’s plans to have a day of support for the Port Robinson Ferry, my wife and I decided to go for a ride.

Parking on the west side, we went down the newly redone ramps to the also-redone ferry dock and climbed aboard. The Bridge-It received a new structure on the back deck this year, with a wheelchair ramp to make it accessible. Otherwise, the platform serves as the storage area for bicycles that are brought on board. When asked if it had been busy, the crew told us they hadn’t even had time for a sandwich because the traffic had been steady all day. Not bad, considering that the event was only listed as being from noon until 3:00 p.m. (it was only 12:10).

We settled in for the ride across, which takes less time than it does to comfortably situate your butt. In spite of the short drive, it’s still a nice experience (I like boats). Once delivered to Bridge

Roadrunners’ info and refreshment station

Street East, we went the short block to River Street, where the Bridge 12 Pub and Eatery.

(In case you’re wondering, yes, the bridge that was knocked down in Port Robinson was No. 12). A great little place with a small but good menu, ice cream, karaoke, and sometimes live entertainment.

A little refreshment and we were off again, back across the Welland Canal to West Port Robinson, where the cyclists had an information and refreshment station for other cyclists and then home.

And no, the crew still hadn’t had time to eat.

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