If you’re a fan of renewal and change, you’ll love what’s been going on at City Hall.

Right now, we have a new CAO (Chief Administrating Officer), Manoj Dilwaria who, until last month, was the Acting CAO. We have an Acting Fire Chief, an Acting City Clerk, an Acting Director of Operations, no Director of Director of Development and Engineering Services, and an Acting Operations Manager (responsible for Parks, Arenas & Cemeteries). In short, the only one left in charge who was two years ago is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

Whether you view this as good or bad depends upon your viewpoint. The people who are acting in these jobs are competent and knowledgeable, but there is a learning curve for a few, so you’ll have to have patience if you want something. They’re doing their best under the circumstances. But, in some cases, the City will have to hire from outside, because not everyone wants to move up, or has the long list of requirements to move up, so it’ll take awhile for the new hires to get into the rhythm of Thorold.

They say a change is as good as rest, but City Hall is experiencing something common to many organizations at this particular point in time: a lot of senior people reaching retirement all at once. Of course, all of the changes aren’t due to retirement. A few just wanted a change from Thorold or have been pursuing career advancement elsewhere.

So, is this good or bad? We won’t know until the new hires are in place and the dust settles but, in either case, it’s happening. And until the dust does settle, despite the abilities of the Acting Directors, some of whom are still expected to do their own jobs as well, if you think  that nothing moves quickly at City Hall, for a while anyways, we’ll all have to have a bit more patient than usual.

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