What I finally did was to self-publish my fourth novel, four years after the last. This new novel is entitled Dreams of Utopia and, unlike my first three, which were an historical fiction trilogy, this one looks a fairly short distance into the future. As my back cover copy says:

Devon has lived all his life in a work camp. Like the others there, he has no last name and no parents or family, nothing that can tie him to a past. Their only knowledge of what has gone before and why they are there is supposed to come from those who control their miserable lives.

Fortunately for those who have the courage to challenge the camp rules, they have another source: the elders of the camp, who give them a solid education, partly to prepare them for the Outside, should they ever gain their freedom from this hell-hole. It’s training, it’s hope, it’s dreams, all of which they need to survive in the here and now, but also on the unlikely chance of a free future.

However, when the chance arrives, Devon finds out that the outside world is hardly Utopian. Unlike his expectations, not everyone is welcoming of strangers, as had been suggested. It soon becomes apparent that every Eden has its serpents.

And, as Devon discovers, even Utopia is a relative thing.

My new book is available only directly from me at anoriginal@sympatico.ca  at $35 each until I get something else set up.

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