It was obvious that Mayor Luciani was beginning to lose his patience with students issues Tuesday night. First he expressed his disappointment that there had been no Brock representation at the previous Council meeting even though, as he pointed out, they could have expected that locals would be there after the Homecoming debacle on Winterberry Blvd. (The agenda, available on-line, listed a Winterberry area resident as a delegate.) He pointed out that neither Brock staff nor representatives of BUSU (Brock University Students Union had bothered to attend then, but now they wanted to be heard.

After Council and BUSU reps went back on forth on the motion to remove buses on Winterberry for safety reasons (a point the BUSU reps never touched upon), the Mayor finished it off by saying that he’d had enough. He said that Council had other things to do than constantly dealing with student issues, in specific the upcoming City budget deliberations, which have yet to start.

As for the Town and Gown Committee, a committee made up of City Councillors and staff, as well as police, student, Brock University, and City of of St. Catharines reps meant to deal resolve student problems, Luciani expressed a special impatience, referring to a suggestion by BUSU reps that this should have been addressed at the next Town and Gown Committee meeting, rather than just take away the buses.

Saying that there was no point to holding these meetings if only a small number of those involved showed up, he fumed, “When the Town and Gown Committee, everyone better be there.”

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