In DeCew House Heritage Park on Saturday, the Friends of Laura Secord dedicated the First Nations Peace Monument, a project they’d been working on for several years. The group, headed by Laura Secord descendant Caroline McCormick, raised the money for the project and oversaw its construction in the park in part to commemorate the First Nations act of bringing Laura to Lieutenant Fitzgibbon at DeCew House to warn him of impending American attack. It’s also a symbolism of Canada’s national Reconciliation process with First Nations peoples.

After some interesting and at times moving presentations from First Nations speakers and less interesting ones from politicians, the sizeable crowd lined up to perform the cleansing by sweet grass smoke inside of the monument before taking a hand of dirt from a wheelbarrow for spreading beneath the newly-planted white pine, the Haudenosaunee tree of peace.

First Nations Peace Monument with white pine peace symbol behind

From left: Bob Rennie (Lt. Fitzgibbon), NRP Rep., Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Tim Johnson, Caroline McCormick, Mayor Ted Luciani, MP Vance Badawey

Re-enactors explain their uniforms


Lt.-Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, architect and monument designer Douglas Cardinal

Designer Douglas Cardinal

Six Nations Polytechnic teacher Dr. Richard Hill

Friends of Laura Secord Chair & Laura Secord Descendant Caroline McCormick

First Nations performance

Thanksgiving address

Well-attended event

Thorold Historian & author Sarah King-Head with LACAC book she authored, Where the Beavers Built Their Dams (available at City hall – $30)

First Nations sweet grass purification ritual


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