This entry was written on September 9, but i didn’t post it, for some reason. Ah, well, better late than never?

The Thorold Age Friendly Committee came to Council in early September with a list of work to be done towards the goal of making Thorold more Age Friendly. According to the Government of Canada, an age friendly community is one where “the community is set up to help seniors live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved.”

  1. To attain a World Health Organization (WHO) Age Friendly Community by next fall. This requires the Mayor to sign off on a plan of action toward the goals and for the municipality to demonstrate constant improvement;
  2. For the committee to prepare an Age Friendly check list for merchants;
  3. To recognize one or more merchants as Age Friendly businesses next June;
  4. To prepare a leisure guide in partnership with the City, the TCAG, the Thorold Seniors Assoc., and the Parks, Trails and Recreation Committee;
  5. To liaise with the City on a unique decorative style bench for the Lock 7 Tourism Centre;
  6. To explore with the Niagara Accessibility Coordinator to explore the Stop Gap Initiative (accessibility ramps);
  7. Timely ice and snow removal at mailboxes by Canada Post;
  8. To ask Community Support Services Niagara, a volunteer organization which helps seniors remain at home, to assist with sidewalk snow clearing for those seniors who are qualified;
  9. For the CAO to contact St. Catharines Transit about improving efficiencies and expanding transit and paratransit services;
  10. For Council to pursue a medical lab and x-ray clinic for downtown;
  11. To look into getting the Region to convert St. Charles School to a long-term care facility if the Catholic District School Board deems it to be surplus (this amended to include any other such opportunity, at the request of Councillor Whalen).

This request (as amended) was supported unanimously by Council.

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