At the Greater Thorold Business Association Lunch ‘N’ Learn at the Club Capri Wednesday, Mayor Ted Luciani announced that Thorold is to be awarded the Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Heritage Leadership.

The award will be accepted my City Councillor Mike Charron and Heritage Thorold LACAC Chair Craig Finlay at a dinner in Ottawa on Saturday. This award is “awarded annually to the government of a municipality which has demonstrated a strong and sustained commitment to the conservation of its historic places. The local government must have a record of supporting heritage preservation through such means as regulation, policies, funding and exemplary stewardship. The nomination must provide evidence that heritage properties in the given municipality have improved over a period of time.” [National Trust of Canada website]

This puts Thorold in the company of Richmond, British Columbia; Grimsby, Ontario; Quebec City, Quebec; and Charlottetown P.E.I., among others.

Kudos to the memebers of Heritage Thorold LACAC (particularly Pam Minns), the City of Thorold for recognizing and funding their work, and the numerous homeowners, business people, and heritage groups who have put their efforts and money into preserving Thorold’s Heritage.

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