The Thorold Public Library held their first MastChef Competition under the capable organization of Public Services Librarian Rebecca Lazarenko Saturday. This part of the Healthy Kids Niagara (Thorold Edition) Programme, where the kids grew a garden and learned about nutrition. The competition consisted of four teams of one or two kids and a parent and had to create a dish from the (until then) ingredients they found at their stations, with tools and utensils provided. Even the Chief Librarian and the Board Chair couldn’t find out to keep them form blabbing in advance.

I was tasked with being one of judges for this culinary competition, accompanied by City Councillor and Board Trustee Fred Neale and Library employee Donna. We each got four quite appetizing-looking and -tasting dishes set before us. The eating was the easy part because all four were delicious and all different, despite all being made with the same ingredients! The hard part came after, when we had to decide a winner from among them.

The judges announce the winner

In the end, all three judges agreed that the winner was the meal made by Liz and Reid Raymond, who won a Nutri Ninja processor for their efforts.

Despite all the hard work (they had only a half hour to come up with an idea and make it), everyone said they would like to do it again. Who knows, maybe next time there might be even more contestants, once word of the fabulous prize gets out. I just don’t know if I can eat that much more.

Winner Reid picks up her prize

For more pictures, go the Thorold Public Library Facebook site.

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