I had planned to go to take some pictures at the Thorold BIA’s first Canine Costume Contest and Puppy Promenade, but the weather wasn’t at all encouraging: drizzly, cold, dark, just all around miserable, with a forecast for worse. So, grabbing my camera just in case, I headed down to the corner of Pine and Albert Streets, to the empty lot which is the future home of the Thorold Veterinary Hospital, expecting to find just that: an empty lot.

So I was more than a little surprised to find the lot full of people and dogs, the dogs and some of the people in costume. They were registering at the tent set up on the corner for that purpose so they could proudly parade through the downtown. Forty-nine entries and all the people accompanying them.

And parade they did, up Pine St. to Sullivan Ave., to Front St., all the way down Front to Regent St., back up the other side to Clairmont St., to Ormond St., and on to the Library for awards, with a stopover at Cobblestone Gardens, collecting snacks here and there along the way. And they all made it all that way: even the short-legged little ones, who showed up at the Library still in costume. Well, mostly. There were some minor wardrobe failures along the way.

The awards event, which was intended to be outside, was held in the meeting room because of the weather. Everyone fit in, though, and the room soon warmed up to sauna level, but the ceremonies went off without a hitch, with all awards with that incredibly long event title attached, and without any antisocial behaviour or, to the relief of Public Services Librarian Rebecca, who handled the Library end, no accidents, although they left a lot of feathers and other other minor costume pieces behind.

It was feather not fit for dogs, as they say, but it didn’t stop the dogs or their owners, all the volunteers, the reporters, or even this crazy blogger/photographer. Too bad there weren’t more spectators to see it though, because it was actually quite fun.

A Yellow Flower Basket’s Diana D’Intino, organizer of the event, thanked Promenade sponsors and assisting organizations: PetValu, Thorold Veterinary Hospital, the BIA, the City of Thorold, V. Lynn’s Dog Grooming Salon, the Thorold Lions, the Thorold Public Library, and A Yellow Flower Basket. She also thanked the judges, who did their jobs from several locations: Past Pres., Thorold Community Theatre Rob Goslin, Pres., Thorold Community Theatre Brian Crawford, City Councillor Fred Neale, Cobblestone Bev Cruise, Route Judges/Crossing Guards Kelly Liddycoat and Judy Wright, and Cobblestone Gardens residents (who judged at Cobblestone) Terry Shrock, Nola Johnson, Barb Townsend, Diane Welch, and Wayne Windsor.







Some Entrants




































The Judges







The Winners

Best Friends Award Winner
Dustin With Ryker & Gracie

Best Friends Runner-Up
Jennifer & Jacob








Cobblestone Cutie Award Runner-Up
Jaclyn with Oliver

Cobblestone Cutie Award Winner
Jaclyn with Oliver








Top Dog Award Runner-Up
Melanie with Vivace

Top Dog Award Winner
Gail with Tessa










Winners & Judges





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