How was your Hallowe’en? As you can see by the photo above, my wife, Penny likes to get into the spirit of it, having spent days creating home-made Hallowe’en lawn ornaments. The two of us (no, I didn’t dress up) sat in the driveway on our lawn chairs, waiting for little Hallowe’eners to show up, my wife lasted out in the cold a longer than I did, I must admit.

For years we didn’t get many kids as our neighbourhood on Tupper had become mostly student housing. For that time, there were pretty much just Brock students and empty-nesters like ourselves, all the kids having gone on to raise Hallowe’eners of their own. But in the past few years, things have started to change, as young families moving back in, providing greater numbers. I understand, however, that one neighbour behind here expended a great of effort dressing up and sitting stock still until the kid came by, when they would move, startling the kids. Hopefully, it picked up later when there seemed to suddenly be more around here.

We had all the usual responses, from shy stares to nervous glances at my wife’s makeup. Most said “trick or treat”, even though most wouldn’t have known what we were talking about if we had responded “trick”, but one kid just sighed and said, “I’m tired”. Hallowe’ening can be rough, I know.

We got our share of witches and princesses, ninjas and cowboys (but no Indians – besides being the wrong word, unless they’re from India, it would now be “cultural appropriation”).  We didn’t, however, see any dressed up as that creature that most strikes terror in the hearts of Thorold residents, The Brock University Student. Maybe people figured that sending their kids out to their neighbours dressed in such a fashion might cause unwarranted hysteria. Oh, and then their kids might get no candy.

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