It’s not often that I dress up and go to church, but today was one such occasion, as the Friends of Beaverdams Church held their annual Wreath Hanging Ceremony/Carol Sing/Raffle Draw/Food Drive.

The church, it should be pointed out, has no heat, but for the third straight year, people almost filled the church to take in the annual event. It’s a good thing that it wasn’t as cold day as it could well have been on December 2. Of course, the apple cider provided by Donna Cowan and the hot chocolate donated by Tim Hortons helped quite a bit to warm things up a bit. And later on, the Carol Sing, led by Young at Heart Singers director and Friends secretary Gina Armstrong and accompanied by David Cowan, added even more warmth to the 185-year-old heritage structure.

Friends President David Cowan gave an abbreviated report on the accomplishments of the Friends over the past year. This included completion of the foundation work under the church and fundraising efforts, donations and grants that allowed them expect to pay for all 26 new 12-over-12 windows that will go on over the next year. He heartily thanked all those who worked and contributed to this massive undertaking and announced that next year’s fundraising will go toward replacing all of the clapboard around the church. Once that’s completed, work will begin on the inside, which boasts an arched ceiling and galleries all around, which have been hidden above a false ceiling since the late 1870’s.

Wreaths were hung, one each of the outside doors, which originally were meant to allow men and women to separately gain entrance to the church.

Below are photos taken by my wife Penny and I at the event.



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