Every Council Meeting, there is a section entitled “Other Business”, which will apparently become “Statement by Councillors” (I think) in the new procedure. This is where City Councillors have a chance to bring up items they’ve been approached about, although the rules about what they can bring up will change too, in 2018. Here are some of the items that were brought up this past meeting:

The Lines Mean What?

Apparently, the lines at the sides of Richmond St. east of Pine St. aren’t bike lanes. Councillor Handley brought on the enlightenment when he rose to express anger on the part of residents of Richmond west of Pine, who lost their on-street parking when the bike lanes were added there. They wanted to know why there was a great deal of parking on the east end. Counc. Handley wanted to know whether there was a restriction and, if so, why it wasn’t being enforced? The City Engineering Manager set them straight: those aren’t bike lanes, they’re marked shoulders. I wouldn’t have known the difference but, apparently, they need more marking to make them bike lanes. This will be recommended and then they will be posted for no parking as well.

No More Employee Christmas Party

Councillor Handley had more. While he said he enjoyed the Employee Christmas Party, he wants Council to look at calling it an Employee Recognition Night and to drop the $30 charge for a ticket. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, he said, and pointed out that some have other beliefs. He asked that the full cost be included in the budget for next year. Merry Employee Recognition, everyone.

Watch You Don’t Fall Off The Sidewalk

Councillor Neale complained that the contractors hired to replace damaged sidewalk sections are getting the job done, but not finishing the job by filling in the trenches that are left running along each side. His concern is simple: “We don’t want people to fall off the sidewalks and sue the City.” The City’s Engineering Manager replied that they’ve been “on our contractor” and have been evaluating penalties.

Parking Measures Are On The Way – Honest

Counc. Neale also wanted to know when the parking plan that Council approved conditionally some time ago was going to start into effect. He said that Monday morning there was no parking in the downtown at all. The City’s Engineering Manager, who was having a busy night of it, replied that they’re moving ahead and hopefully will be able to implement the plan before New Year.

Yet Another Politician At The Region?

Counc. Neale asked Mayor Luciani (he’s also a Reg. Counc.) about the question at the Region to add another Regional Councillor for the Township of West Lincoln due to population growth. The Mayor replied that the question would come to Council on Dec. 19 for consideration and he would take back whatever decision they make. This is because, at the Region, this is one of those decisions that require a “triple majority” (a majority of the Councillors from a majority of the municipalities and representing a majority of voters). If West Lincoln gets another, expect other municipalities to want more as well.

The Arena Needs The Rest Of Its Bling

Concillor Ugulini wants the banners and such put back in the Frank Doherty Arena. They were taken down for the refurbishing and haven’t yet been replaced. They include such items as championship banners and retired sweaters and they want them back up.

Brock Students Doing Good

Counc. Ugulini also announced a new project in which over 20 Brock University students will be proving that they’re not all bad. The “Through Your Eyes Project” aims to work with seniors to improve life at 45 Ormond St. South.

Councillor Wilson Gets Another Extension

Mayor Luciani turned over his gavel momentarily so that he could advocate for an extension to the leave of absence for Councillor Wilson and that pay not be withheld. Shawn has had health problems for some time but wishes to return when his present treatment is finished. Council approved the motion unanimously.

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