Friends of the Beaverdams Church Chair David Cowan and Treasurer John Henderson were on hand at the church on Friday to accept a donation of $10,000 from Gerry Foote, Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) VP of Operations in Niagara. The grant comes from OPG’s Power With Purpose Programme, which keeps the utility active in communities and, in this case, the communities’ history and heritage.

The money is to go for ongoing restoration of the historic Beaverdams Church, built in 1832. Also on hand were Councillors Fred Neale and Terry Ugulini, Mayor Ted Luciani, Regional Councillor Henry D’Angela, and Me (not in the pictures for obvious reasons).

To date, the Friends have managed to raise $9,000 for a new roof and $85,000 for a new foundation, both projects now completed. Presently in progress is the drive to replace all 26 of the windows, which are copies of the original 12 pane over 12 pane windows, at a cost of about $2,000 each. 12 of these windows are now ready and will be installed shortly after the turn of the new year. It is expected that the rest will be paid for by the time they’re ready for installation. Then it’s on to replacing the clapboard siding before the inside can finally be started.

Money to pay for all of these things has been the result of: fundraising events like the annual yard sale, the art luncheon, and raffles; donations by individuals and organizations; and available grants. This donation will go a long way toward completing the windows portion of the long-term project.


After the presentation, Mr. Foote asked the press to warn people not to skate on the ice. He stated that the lake Gibson system has been at historically high water levels this year and they’ve been trying to manage it by drawing off water, creating unstable levels and unsafe and uneven freezing of surface ice.

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