I hope you had a great Christmas, or whatever holiday you observe, or don’t, but ours was quiet and relaxed, but for an hour or so of labour.

Because the kids’ various in-laws seem to think that it’s only right that we share our kids and grandkids with them, we had our big Christmas to-do the day before. We don’t mind, really: there’s something about the Yule proceedings that make you sleep well afterwards, so it’s just as well that it was in the evening, with the couple of days to recover to world starts up again.

I’m sure just about everyone’s familiar with the scenario. First there’s a lot of noise and confusion as everyone arrives, jammed in the doorway to take their coats and boots off. Then, once all were settled in and the football game was on, the kids were done making “music” downstairs and were getting bored, out came the presents, accompanied by more noise and confusion, now interspersed with laughter and even some groans from those who cared that the Bills were losing.

Then dinner, with enough food for twice as many people, which was accompanied by more noise and confusion and then more groans because, well, we were stuffed. This was followed – you guessed it – by more noise and confusion (sensing a theme here?) as new games and toys were hauled out and played generally by the rules and then as grandkids started to tire.

It was great, for the time it lasted. But I don’t how much longer I would have lasted. It’s probably also great that it only comes once a year. At times like this I find myself wondering what guy in his right mind would want to start a family in sixties. I know I no longer have the stamina for it.

So now, we have little to do but relax, and watch TV or read and write. The Biscotti Cafe is closed and Timmy’s is closed here in Thorold, with no one on the internet apparently able to figure out where the open one is. Maybe there wasn’t one this year. Apparently they didn’t want us to find out if there was. After all, Christmas means Closed.

So, we spent most of the day with me reading and doing a bit of writing and my wife watching old cry-in-your-tea Yule sob stories.

But first, I had work to do, the labour of which I spoke earlier. I had to shovel all the White Christmas that landed in my driveway, somehow not as nostalgic as it was the night before, plus of course the sidewalks…for the City of Thorold.

But, all in all, it was a good Christmas and, as I said, I hope yours was as well. But, whether it was or wasn’t, just think…only 365 days ’til the next one.

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