Once again, in approaching this New Year’s Eve, I offer you my fearless predictions for Thorold. On what basis do I make these predictions? On the same basis that makes people think that, if they do something over and over again, they will eventually get the result they want. Einstein called it “stupidity”. Some people call it “hope”: hope that the following year will be better, or at least different, than the one ending. Whichever definition you prefer, in the traditional New Year’s Eve spirit of creating sometimes unrealistic expectations, here’s a nice round half dozen – good, bad and indifferent – for the City of Thorold:

PREDICTION #1: Council have voted on a budget target with no more than a 2% property tax increase for 2018. They will soon find out it’s impossible, since they have t start with an almost 2% increase just to cover 2017’s budget overruns. To budget realistically and still keep City operating, even in an election year, look for something in the neighbourhood of 5%.

PREDICTION #2: This year, Council will finally look at a draft by-law to limit the number of rooms in new construction. However, they will realize that, with a limit of five usable rooms, after a living room, dining room and three bedrooms, they’ve hit the limit. No rec rooms, studies, libraries, games/music rooms, sewing rooms, etc and the rich and those with a lot of kids won’t be able to build here anymore. They’ll send it back for further study and hope for 2019.

PREDICTION #3: Council decide to take a closer look at the properties they own and make a final decision…and they’ll actually do it…in 2019. They won’t want to tick anyone off this year.

PREDICTION #4: Brock students will have a big party and upset their neighbours. The City and Brock University will promise to look for answers.

PREDICTION #5: The Conservatives will look poised to win the provincial election in the spring. Then one of them will make some bone-head pronouncement and we’ll get four more years of Wynn. As seems to be the habit these days, someone will claim voter fraud and ballot tampering.

PREDICTION #6: There’s a municipal election this year, shorter than usual because of new provincial rules, but everyone will be so sick of politics from #5 that they won’t have any interest. And most won’t have a clue who to vote for to fill the Regional Chair spot because, well, it’s the Region and who are these people? Voter turnout will be as ridiculously low as ever but, as always, I predict that all positions will be filled by politicians.

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