It has started (cue ominous music).

“It” is the annoyance that goes with elections, even ones that haven’t been called yet. In this case, it was familiar double ring of the landline that usually announces that some form of salesmanship is in the offing. I often don’t even answer them any more and just allow them to ring on until they die. I figure that, if it is actually something important, they’ll leave a message. But sometimes I’ll pick up if I’m sitting right beside the phone and I have nothing better to do.

Sometimes there is no reply right away when I say hello. I’m told that this is because each operating is monitoring a number of calls and only goes on the line when a sucker – I’m sorry, I mean potential customer – no, I mean sucker engages.

I’ve even had calls where I’m asked to hold for a message from…

Yeah, right, I think as I hang up. It’s bad enough when I get put on hold when I call.

Sometimes there is no reply at all. That’s likely just blind machine dialing trying to figure out at what times to call. They might use that information themselves or sell it to another telemarketer, or anyone else who wants it. (Have you been called by the “CRA” or “Windows” lately? Just hang up.)

It’s enough to make me seriously consider getting rid of my land line (no, I haven’t already). Not that it matters, because they’ve now managed to start on cell lines.

This time produced a short pause and then a recorded voice came on the line announcing it was the Ontario Conservatives. A recording, mind you. Political parties, especially the Conservatives, these days can’t even rustle up enough volunteers to make live calls, like we used to do in by-gone days when I was still involved in party politics. I hung up before it finished the first sentence.

I understand the attraction. Potential voters can’t ask embarrassing questions and you can make all the scurrilous accusations against your political opponents that you want.

But if you’re selling your party, I want to be able to question and to challenge. And I’m not willing to wait and see if the option is there, as I’m quite willing to assume that it’s just a robot call.

So, note to politicians: if you can’t find a human being to call me, don’t bother.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! YUP! I can relate…and the CRA AND MICROSOFT SCAMS, TOO! Sometimes I play along with the scammers without giving out any personal info…just to waste their time for 5 or 10 minutes!! LOL!!

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