As promised, firefighters from all four Thorold Fire Stations, full-time and volunteer, teamed up with Adam’s schoolmates from Richmond Street School, to raise money for eight-year-old Adam Egerter, who is battling cancer, by washing cars and serving up BBQ.

I’m almost 65 now, and yet this was the most unique car wash I’ve ever been through.

This had to be some tired bunch when they were done, as the cars just kept on coming for the whole four hours it was open. Even when it started raining (which was as soon as my car was finished).

First, the lower car got rinsed with a fire hose.

Then, the aerial pumper overall presoak. And soaked it did.

Then, an army of students and firefighters attacked with soap and brushes.

Another fire hose to rinse.


And a chamois.

Lunch after.

Even an early pose for the Firefighter Calendar?


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