Tomorrow’s the day, folks. It’s the day when at least one set of the most incredibly disgusting attack ads end. The day when we find out who will head the incoming Provincial minority government (if the polls are at all right).

A lot of people have been expressing their disgust with the whole thing. After all, most people aren’t rabid followers of any particular party or candidate in this country. The level of noise created by those who do just makes them seem like a lot of people. But, for the rest, this has just been a vicious bout of name-calling, with just enough policy (sort of), in varying degrees of specificity, thrown in to make it seem like there actually is some.

The result is that I know a lot of people who aren’t sure they even want to vote. One friend even commented, “I’ll see tomorrow if I even feel like getting up.” I suppose it’s understandable, but there are options.

You can spoil the ballot if you want, by marking or tearing it up. A popular form of spoilage has been marking all of the spaces with an “X”, but this could mean many things. It could mean that you couldn’t decide. It could mean that you’re saying no to all. Most likely, though, it will suggest that you’re too stupid to mark an “X” on a ballot.

You can also decline your ballot in protest. The process for that is to accept your ballot and then hand it back in, saying you decline to vote. Again, though, it’s often not clear what you meant by that.

The best thing, however, is to hold your nose and vote for the part that least disgusts you – voting for the least objectionable, if you will. Nobody expects that you’re going to like everything a party wants to do, but which one will do less objectionable?

We have the right to vote, to choose our governments, in this country, still in my opinion the best country in the world. But, while I’ve said in the past that everyone should get out and vote, I’d like to amend that a little this time around.

Now I believe that everyone should learn the issues, learn the platforms including their costs and benefits, and then go out and vote. An uninformed vote is worse that no vote at all. And remember: no vote is a vote for the winner, whoever that is.

And now…on to the next election.

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