It seems like everyone is playing Jump on [You Know] these days. It’s not that I don’t think that he deserves it (with hob-nailed boots at that), but all everyone is doing is feeding his ego. It seems he’s discovered the adage that ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so long as they’re saying your name’ and taking it to extremes.

Since the Mouth from the South of us began his actions against Canada, such as tariffs and bad-mouthing Trudeau and other G7 members while kissing up to one of the most abhorrent creatures on the planet, and leaving many Canadians feeling like we’re under siege, our PM has been studiously ignoring the man. Some of his Canadian constituents, however, have not been so accepting and have tried to start a boycott.

This movement to try to boycott the U.S. Twitter users are using trending hash-tags such as #BuyCanada, #BuyCanadian and #BoycottUSproducts. In answer, Maclean’s Magazine has even come out with a piece called ‘A Patriot’s Guide To Shopping During A Canada-U.S. Trade War’. Some travel agents have noted cancellations to U.S. destinations with boycott as the reason, with a corresponding uptick in Canadian vacation bookings.

The boycott movement is asking Canadians to buy anywhere but the U.S., but preferably from Canadian companies and sources. They’re also asking that you take your vacations in Canada until this nonsense stops.

I intend to follow this advice myself. But then, I usually try to avoid the U.S. anyways, eschewing the U.S. border since 1973 and prefacing my on-line search lines with ‘Canada only’, so I admit I wouldn’t be giving up much. But I doubt that these efforts will amount to much. It takes willpower to make a boycott go, especially when it means spending a few more bucks at home.

Canadians haven’t shown much resolve in the past when beliefs battled bucks. But there is a kind of boycott that we might be able to work, and it might actually work much better. After all, I doubt if he much cares whether his people suffer, contrary to his words. It will only make him carry it to new heights. There is something we can boycott that costs nothing and will hurt the man personally.

What is this product whose embargo may have the power to at least annoy the man?

His name. Don’t mention it at all. Criticism just seems to make him stronger, so don’t even talk about the latest idiocy he has committed (this the hardest part, I know). Don’t even use his title. Just refer to him by some disrespectful term, since no respect has been earned. By all means, boycott everything else, even if it causes some pain to U.S. citizens, since I’m a firm believer that the populace is responsible for its leaders in a democracy, however much longer that lasts, but be sure to boycott his name and ideas.

The worst thing you can do to a vain man is to ignore him. Take away his reason to tweet.

So, #BoycottHim


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